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The Holomovement Purpose Lab is a global map, story showcase, resource library and community to inspire people to find and live their purpose and passion.

It is said that 90% of people don't know their calling in life - and we want to change that.

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Awaken Your Purpose

Awaken Your Purpose is a podcast dedicated to helping you find your purpose and passion. We have interviewed over 100 passionate people and asked them to share the tools, methods, tips that helped them find their calling -- and you can too! Join us every Monday morning on your favorite podcast platform or watch the episodes on our YouTube Channel.

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We’ve teamed up with LightNet to showcase the stories of 100 people from all walks of life who have found their purpose. We then put their resources and discovery methods into a unique database and start to look for patterns. This DIY database of resources is fully at your disposal or you can join a team of 8-12 people with a guide for 8 weeks on zoom to discover your purpose and passion.

"The Evolutionary Leaders and its Synergy Circles' participation in the emerging Holomovement reflects its vision to become an effective Impact Network at this critical time in global history. Partnering with the emerging Holomovement can create a more tightly focused "coalition of the willing" and "coalition of the inspired" to synergize greater impact from the Evolutionary Leaders commitment to conscious evolution. Thus results the four action areas envisioned for the Holomovement, including attention to, and attendant action about: Vision, Engagement (synergetic partnering and action), Visibility (media), and Technology (world wide web and social media activity)."

- Dr. Kurt Johnson
Coordinator, Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders

"I think I discovered my purpose when I discovered what wasn't my purpose. Finding your purpose is much, much easier than you think. the first step is to ask yourself what brings me joy? And then don't apologize for that."

Dr. Shamini Jain

"Doubt leads to inquiry. It's gift. doubt eventually gives way to truth. Truth gradually starts to populate the cells of your body. If you create these little magical pockets of pausing, then the mundane becomes mystical. "

Richard Rudd

"It all works together when we're in sync with our purpose. It is kind of is a positive feedback loop that makes us more joyful. I've discovered that my purpose, like perhaps 8 billion other people on the planet, is to serve the good of the whole."

Emanuel Kuntzelman

"I actively changed those belief systems and immediately, immediately my life became totally different. I wanted to wake people up because I woke up, my life completely changed. If you really ask me, I have two distinct lives on this planet. "

Bruce Lipton, PHD

"I feel what I'm doing now feeds my soul. Mastery comes through repetition."

Keith Mitchell

For most people, finding their purpose in life is not obvious. Modern life has a way of distracting people from their true goals and many people never discover their calling in life. Oftentimes, people experience pressure to have a “perfect” life and show the world how well they are doing, instead of following up on their unique, deep-felt values and passions.

The Holomovement and consciousness itself is driven at its core by joy and creation. Once someone knows their passion and calling, often synchronicities and a “magic carpet ride” begins. Using the concepts of the 4-minute mile and the 100th monkey effect, we can retell the story of what is possible for us all. 

This collaboration is brought to you by the Holomovement and LightNet.

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