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Book materials, videos and resources about the Holomovement

The Holomovement;

Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity

In this exciting book, thought leaders share the science and spirit of how our interconnection can serve our global family and change the world in this inspiring anthology.

Explore evidence-based understanding and inspirational accounts of the living universe and our integral place in its evolution. In this grand unfolding toward ever greater levels of interdependence, you will better understand how your own purpose in the evolutionary process is critical to this movement.

Find inspiration in this anthology to actively support the wholeness in motion around us, integrating your unique gifts and the Holomovement’s unifying values into a collective story of our time that serves the greatest good.

Diverse Voices Within the Movement

Read excerpts from the anthology The Holomovement; Embracing Our Collective Purpose To Unite Humanity, where though leaders share insight on the integral phases of transformation and action needed to catalyze this social movement.

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"The Evolutionary Leaders and its Synergy Circles' participation in the emerging Holomovement reflects its vision to become an effective Impact Network at this critical time in global history. Partnering with the emerging Holomovement can create a more tightly focused "coalition of the willing" and "coalition of the inspired" to synergize greater impact from the Evolutionary Leaders commitment to conscious evolution. Thus results the four action areas envisioned for the Holomovement, including attention to, and attendant action about: Vision, Engagement (synergetic partnering and action), Visibility (media), and Technology (world wide web and social media activity)."

- Dr. Kurt Johnson
Coordinator, Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders

"This publication is a great, audacious accomplishment and we have only just begun."

Ben Bowler
Executive Director of UNITY EARTH

"How exciting to see a prescription for our world’s heart problems be put into book form! Healing is just one read away from the HOLOMOVEMENT BOOK!"

Dr. Marty K. Casey
CEO of UnGUN Institute

"An important contribution to our understanding of the true nature of the universe — and of ourselves in the universe."

Ervin Laszlo, PhD
systems scientist and Founder & CEO of The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

A Social Movement Inspired by Physicist and Visionary, David Bohm

The name “Holomovement” was inspired by American physicist David Bohm’s use of the term describing “a holistic understanding of our universe as a manifestation of the consciousness of our universe.”

Bohm was also intrigued with humanity's own movement of unbroken wholeness and increasing self-awareness. His term “holomovement” perfectly describes the sociological phenomenon underlying the current worldwide movement towards unity.

Learn more from Dr. William Keepin, physicist and world religions scholar, as he shares the Holomovement vision of famed physicist and visionary David Bohm.

The Flow Between Source and Self that Enhances the Whole

The Holomovement is a movement of people who share a passion for building a better world. Guided by the scientific threads of cosmology, integral psychology and sociology, and the spirit of our many wisdom traditions, we explore how our wholeness in our interconnected web of life can impact lasting change.

To learn more about the vision and inspiration behind the Holomovement, we invite you to download our White Paper, which goes into detail about the history, philosophy, and community of the holomovement.

Join us in this exciting exploration of our interconnectedness and radical collaboration.

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Get inspired by the science and spirit guiding the Holomovement and the visionaries supporting our collective vision.


Illuminating the Message of Peace

Dr. Kurt Johnson of the Light on Light Press speaks with seven Light on Light book authors, three of whom are Nautilus-award winners, emphasizing the transformational purposes of their books and the impacts of their success.



In this special program for 2023 INTERNATIONAL PEACE WEEK (, from Synergy Circles of the Evolutionary Leaders (, a dozen key leaders of major global impact networks share their event and initiative plans for 2023 Peace Week (Sept. 11-23) AND THEN their visions on into the pivotal year of 2024.


World Unity Week Holomovement Panel Discussion

Emanuel Kuntzelman, Kurt Johnson, Paulette Pipe, Jill Robinson and Mariko Pitts share inspiring conversation on the Holomovement during World UNITY Week.


The Holomovement on Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen

On this episode of Inside Personal Growth's podcast, host Greg Voisen talks with transformative leaders and Holomovement book contributors, Joni Carley, Emanuel Kuntzelman and Phil Clothier about their insights into this movements of movements.


The Foundational Questions Of Our Time | Riane Eisler and Rev. Deborah Moldow

Dr. Eisler and Rev. Moldow discuss “Igniting the Holomovement”—both a seminal international event and a new foundational book.


Unity and the Unitive Nature of Reality

In this VoiceAmerica episode, Julie Krull, Robert Atkinson, Jude Currivan and Teresa Collins explore the WHOLE STORY as we leave behind the epoch of separation and step into the dawning unitive age.


The Foundational Questions Of Our Time | Riane Eisler and Emanuel Kuntzelman

Dr. Eisler and Emanuel Kuntzelman, co-editor of the important new book, The Holomovement: Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity, discuss the emergent Holomovement phenomenon occurring within our organizations.


Exploring Unity: the Superorganism Meets the Holomovement

A discussion on the practical application of how to grow into our collective potential with Emanuel Kuntzelman, Jim Garrison, Charles Eisenstein and Julie Krull.


Read More About the Philosophy Behind the Holomovement


The Holomovement as a Wave of Impact

We each have a frequency that is activated when we take some sort of action, and these actions and energetic waves will in turn attract and synchronize with others to amplify the Holomovement. If we look at Planck’s equation E = hf, we can better understand how we are innately supported at the quantum level to participate and activate this Theory of Change.


Awakening of Humanity

Integral theologian Doug King, cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan, evolutionary biologist and comparative religionist Dr. Kurt Johnson, and wholistic thought leader Dr. Robert Atkinson, further build out the vision and implications of David Bohm's pioneer work and multiple additional elements of the holomovement vision in this free e-book publication.


The OWL Magazine / "A Journey from Grievance to Love"

With so much at stake for humanity, where and how does the healing even begin? The suffering and accompanying grievances are present, and our energy needs to be cleaned and healed if we are to have hope of moving forward as a species.


Our Moment of Choice

This uplifting and timely book is a call to action, offering evolutionary visions, resources and practical steps to help us navigate this moment of choice and amplify the movement for global transformation, upon which our future depends.


Kosmos Journal / "The Holomovement; A Whole World View for Social and Spiritual Transformation"

In a similar fashion as to how yin and yang make Taoist philosophy an interconnected and flowing whole, the Holomovement weaves the spiritual and material into a unified field of collective consciousness.


The OWL Magazine / "The Art and Science of Creating a Unified Field"

"In knowing our wholeness, we can embody what it means to give compassionately and generously in a way that nourishes and supports “me AND we” and ultimately, the cosmic ALL."


Be part of a Collective Vision of Change Aligning Your Unique Gifts with the Holomovement's Unifying Values


Our community is made up of similar-minded organisations who are inspired by a movement of movements for the good of the whole. You'll gain access to a wealth of resources, learn tools for, shared research, and collaborative projects.


You'll have the opportunity to connect with other members, learn from experts in the field, and contribute your own knowledge and insights.


Imagine the beauty, wonder and feeling of flow we could experience if 7 billion people, acting with compassion and purpose, moved together in phase for the good of the whole?