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Join us in activating a critical mass of positive change.

Join our Community on Hylo

Welcome to the Holomovement's Theory of Change

Energized by the co-creative spirit, this space will support you in putting your purpose into action within a supportive community.

Together, we can transform the world.

Join a Transformative Wave of Exponential Collaboration!

Inspired by our cosmic building blocks to accelerate transformation, we’re activating a community of self-organized groups of Holons.

Holons are three or more people engaging in a transformative project while sharing their experiences with fellow Holon community members (and beyond!). Don't worry if you aren't part of a Holon quite yet. Join on your own and explore the community to get inspired and connected.

Within this network of Holons, we uphold 5 values for ways of being in this transformative space. By honoring these attributes of wholeness, our community can embody and activate a critical mass of change--sourced from love rather than fear.

The Holon Community Values:
• Joyful Service (For the Good of the Whole) 
• Compassionate Purpose 
• Unitive Consciousness 
• Radical Collaboration
• Transformative Action

Join our Community on Hylo

Community activation, cultural collaboration and environmental regeneration are all vital in this transformative vision, and we encourage you to follow your passion and sense of purpose. Projects of all scopes and timelines are valued in the Holon community, as well as projects already in motion that are aligned with the Holomovement’s core principles.

Transformative action can take the form of many endeavors. Our hope is that through joyful and conscious collaboration, these projects will support a healthy and thriving future for all beings.

Here are just a few examples of Holon projects aligned in purposeful action:

  • Meditation or Interspiritual Prayer Circles

  • Community park, beach or trail hike clean-ups

  • Regenerative farming or permaculture projects

  • Mentorship programs or other nonprofit organizational work

Your Valuable Role as a Holon

As an active Holon member, you’ll play a vital role in initiating a transformational wave of change.

We each have a frequency that is activated when we take purposeful action, and these actions and energetic waves will in turn attract and synchronize with others to amplify the Holomovement. If we look at Planck’s equation E = hf, we can better understand how we are innately supported at the quantum level to participate and activate this Theory of Change.

Whether we are conscious or unconscious of our actions, our energetic waves are already rippling outward with their effect. We are empowered at each moment to create a frequency field that amplifies transformative healing. Within the Holomovement, we’re all invited to be vessels of the Divine Source moving in joyful service for the good of the whole.

We’re in this together!

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