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Zenka Caro

May 27, 2024

This episode is part of the Holomovement Purpose Lab.  Here we have studied how 100 successful people have found their purpose and how you can too.  Join us every Monday to ignite your calling.

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This episode covers a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Zenka Caro, the founder of the Holomovement Purpose Lab and LightNet. Zenka talks about her mission to redefine reality and expand our understanding of human potential. Learn how Zenka's personal journey led her from pursuing art to becoming a social architect and futurist. Hear about the challenges she faced and the beliefs that guided her future. This interview offers a deeper understanding of purpose and an invitation to shape the future.

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This collaboration is brought to you by stewards of the Holomovement and LightNet. Special thanks to our Broadcast Partners: Humanity’s Team, Unify, Good of the Whole and New Realities.

The Holomovement is a social movement that awakens us to our interconnectedness, igniting a critical mass of collaborative action serving the good of the whole. Guided by science and spirituality, this unifying movement is catalyzing a massive shift in human consciousness. Learn more at is a collective intelligence platform mapping how people do impossible things. We then use the data to make breakthroughs of our own in teams of 8-12 and continue to share the data for those to follow.