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Steve Farrell

May 27, 2024

This episode is part of the Holomovement Purpose Lab. Here we have studied how 100 successful people have found their purpose and you can too. Join us every Monday to ignite your calling.

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This episode features Steve Farrell, co-founder of Humanty’s Team. Discover how the pursuit of what truly feels good, beyond fleeting pleasures, can lead to a life filled with purpose and connection. Steve delves into the essence of existence, challenging conventional beliefs and inviting listeners to awaken to their true selves. From discussions on quantum physics to timeless spiritual teachings, this episode offers a rich tapestry of insights into the interconnectedness of all life. Learn about Humanity's Team's ambitious initiative, the Changing Humanity's Future Initiative, aimed at fostering global unity by 2040. As Steve shares his personal journey from the confines of Silicon Valley luxury to the realms of spiritual fulfillment, listeners are encouraged to heed the call of their own inner guidance. Embrace the Galileo moment, where individuals are empowered to challenge outdated paradigms and embrace a conscious way of living.

This collaboration is brought to you by the Holomovement and LightNet. Special Thanks to our Broadcast Partners: Humanity’s Team, Unify, Good of the Whole and New Realities.

The is a unifying world view for conscious collaboration accessing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. It is the rallying cry for radical collaboration, a social movement aligning each of our diverse purpose-driven efforts with a unifying worldview. It's a call to unity, not uniformity. Guided by science and spirituality, the Holomovement invites you to join in this collective journey toward unity and social transformation. is a collective intelligence platform mapping how people do impossible things. We then use the data to make breakthroughs of our own in teams of 8-12 and continue to share the data for those to follow.