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Stephen Henderson

June 10, 2024

Today we bring you Stephen Henderson, a renowned fashion photographer turned Self Empowerment guide for women. Stephen shares his incredible journey from a high-flying career in London's fashion scene to a personal crisis and injury that led him to discover his life’s purpose, "Metamorphosis: The Art of Living (Self Empowerment & Personal Transformation) Photographic Studio". Stephen combines his artistic talents and life experiences to help women connect with and express their inner beauty by giving them an entire studio of high-end fashion dresses, hats, wig, shoes and props to create an artistic and delightful expression of their true self.

In this episode, he recounts his personal journey of overcoming a severe windsurfing accident, dealing with psychosis and medication, and finding healing through holistic healing and plant medicine.

Stephen explains the unique empowerment offered in his photography studio, where women create their own outfits, are photographed, and take home a piece of art that captures their inner freedom and goddess.

He shares his philosophy on following one's passion, the importance of creative expression, and creating positive ripple effects in the world. He highlights daily rituals for intentional living, using the metaphor of starting each day with a blank canvas. Stephen envisions creating a heaven on earth through raising consciousness and living in alignment with one's true purpose. Throughout the conversation, he emphasizes that everyone has beauty within themselves and the power to create a fulfilling and impactful life.


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