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Introduction to Our Purpose Lab

May 15, 2024

This introductory episode is part of the Holomovement Purpose Lab. Here we have studied how 100 successful people have found their purpose and you can too.  Join us every Monday to ignite your calling.

To find out more about the project visit: To view the data and participate in small groups of 8-12 visit:

The Holomovement Purpose Lab is a global map, story showcase, resource library and community to inspire people to find and live their purpose and passion.

It is said that 90% of people don't know their calling in life - and we want to change that.

We’ve teamed up with LightNet to showcase the stories of 100 people from all walks of life who have found their purpose. We then put their resources and discovery methods into a unique database and start to look for patterns. This DIY database of resources is fully at your disposal or you can join a team of 8-12 people with a guide for 8 weeks on zoom to discover your purpose and passion.

For most people, finding their purpose in life is not obvious. Modern life has a way of distracting people from their true goals and many people never discover their calling in life. Oftentimes, people experience pressure to have a “perfect” life and show the world how well they are doing, instead of following up on their unique, deep-felt values and passions.

The Holomovement and consciousness itself is driven at its core by joy and creation. Once someone knows their passion and calling, often synchronicities and a “magic carpet ride” begins. Using the concepts of the 4-minute mile and the 100th monkey effect, we can retell the story of what is possible for us all.

This collaboration is brought to you by the Holomovement and LightNet. Special Thanks to our Broadcast Partners: Humanity’s Team, Unify, Good of the Whole and New Realities.