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Amanda Haas

June 17, 2024

Amanda Haas is a culinary expert whose journey from Williams-Sonoma retail trainee to celebrated cookbook author and culinary consultant is truly remarkable. In this episode, Amanda shares her story of finding purpose through her love of feeding others, her expansive career in recipe testing and cookbook writing.

Amanda’s career began at Williams-Sonoma 25 years ago, one month after she graduated from college. Amanda fulfilled her dream job as the Test Kitchen Manager—a job that was the perfect culmination of all of her work. She went on to become Williams-Sonoma’s Director of Culinary, overseeing the test kitchen and the store culinary programs.

In the interview, Amanda reflects on discovering her passion for cooking early in life, which brought her immense joy and satisfaction. Amanda describes her initial career steps, including a low-paying job at Williams-Sonoma that enabled her to move to San Francisco.

Amanda discusses the challenges and rewards of following her passion, emphasizing the importance of trusting one's instincts and making decisions based on personal fulfillment rather than financial security. Amanda encourages others to pursue their passions and remain open to change, trusting that dedication and authenticity will lead to fulfillment and success.

📚 Amanda's Cookbooks:
Real Family Food
The Anti-Inflammation Cookbook
The Vibrant Life
Homemade Simple: Effortless Dishes for a Busy Life (New Release!)

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Instagram: @amandahaascooks

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